6th Blog: Psalm 130

As I was reading psalm 130 earlier today, the faith of the psalmist stood out before me. From the depths he cries to yhwh for deliverance, most likely he finds himself in the pit on account of several poor behavior choices: vs. 3,”who could stand if you marked iniquities?”

The simple answer, here assumed, is “no one.” If that is so, then the writer has come to realize through his own experiences and through those of his nation, that God’s outstanding characteristic is his mercy, his forgiveness. But not only does the author know this, he stands anchored, fixed in his confidence with nothing of his own for support other than the demonstrated faithfulness of his God: “he will redeem Israel.” No doubt there.

That is the psalmist’s anchor, his God’s lovingkindness, in spite of his own faithlessness. Do I so trust my God? Does my faith in my savior extend beyond my sight, my touch, my hearing? God “I do believe; help my unbelief!”


27 Responses to “6th Blog: Psalm 130”

  1. Just remarking that the God of the NT is the same God of the OT. There was the heresy taught by Marcion that the God of the OT was vengeful, etc. and different from the graceful God of the NT, but as the blog points out, God’s lovingkindness in spite of our faithlessness is our only anchor. His outstanding characteristic is His mercy, His forgiveness. That was the same yesterday, today, and forever. There’s just a new element added in the NT, i.e. Jesus, but He’s always had it. It’s part of His character. And that’s trustworthy!

    • It sure is awesome how he is the same God yesterday, today, and forever. He is always there no matter what. I like what you first say about how he is the same God in the NT and the OT. We really need to remind ourselves daily that he has not changed from then to now!

  2. Matthew Lashway Says:

    God’s lovingkindness is quite mind blowing, and I like that the psalmist is totally on the same level as where I am, as in I am struggling in staying faithful and so was he but he knows God will come back and save him when he calls out to God. Just a simple yet wild truth.

    • Seriously! It’s nice to know He doesn’t leave us alone when we leave Him. He’s faithful even when we are faithless. Sweeeet.

  3. Wow this is so amazing words cant even describe even though the word anchor I really do like quite a lot. I what to have the same confidence as the author does. Every day I need to ask God to give me confidence in knowing that he is loving kindness and mercy and he is forgiveness. Many days I do not feel worthy of his forgiveness but he reminds me that I am his and he it is not about me but it is all about him. I’ve been learning so much about where my identity is and where my confidence needs to be found in. It is nothing to do with me but it is all about him. This is such an encouragement and reminder of whos we are and where we need to be anchored.

    • I have often felt the same way…not worthy of forgiveness! That is one of the reasons that 1 John 1:9 is one of my favorite promises….no matter what I can and will be forgiven!
      ….I can be anchored in Him and confident as a result of knowing that I have been forgiven.

    • It would be nice to have the confidence that the author had. It’s a challenge every day to grow confidence in God. I think not being able to trust people here on earth makes it harder to trust a God we can’t even see. So many people including myself want to trust God entirely, but our flesh or sinful nature tugs on our conscience making us doubt just a little bit. It’s like the movies when they should a devil one one shoulder and an angel on the other.

  4. If you were to ask someone to describe God a lot of times their first response is that God is loving. But I think like Dr. Snyder points out here forgiveness really is one of His most prominent characteristics. If it were not for God’s forgiveness, He would not even be able to look upon us.
    I know that on my part, it is God’s forgiveness I cry out for much more than for His love because it is His forgiveness that allows me to know and feel His love!

    • True. It is all about God’s amazing grace, mercy and forgivess that are characteristics of his love. It is all about him and nothing about us. He fails us not even when we fail him daily. His mercies abound 🙂

    • I like the connection you make between God’s forgiveness and His love! It’s so true! Without His forgiveness we would not be able to experience and feel His unconditional love!

  5. When reading this post what came over me the most was a feeling of sadness. Since leaving home at 18 to finish high school on my own there have been so many times that I have been in a jam or potential jam. Then at the last possible minute someone invites me for dinner, a random person buys me groceries, a $1000 scholarship check shows up in my mailbox, or someone shows up with a random gift of money to help me out. All of this completely unexpeced and yet absolutely necessary. God has come through for me when I have needed things. He has given me everything that I have and I am greatfult becuase I’m not a good guy at all. There are things I have struggled with, things I am struggling with, and a lot of times I don’t really treat his family as best I can. God really has been my rock and I am so greatful!

  6. “I do belief help my unbelief” is one of my favorite scripture because it brings to light just how much my human minds fails to grasp the depth of God’s goodness and unfailing love and endless mercies. he is so much greater than my mind comprehends and I am so grateful for the fact that He is bigger. I wonder if the psalmist ever thought about this when he realized some of the richnes and depth of God’s mercy. No matter what bad or good choices God is faithful in mercy and forgiveness.

  7. What hope we have knowing that God’s lovingkindness can be our anchor! Our God is faithful and unchanging. He is the best thing to be anchored too. Regardless of what we do or don’t do, no matter how many times we mess up He is still there. He is still forgiving. I would hate to think what my life would be like if I was anchored to anything else.

  8. brittany bantle Says:

    One thing that stuck out to me in this Psalm was the idea that his soul waits on the Lord. But what does that really mean and look like in my daily life? It brings me back to the thought of the righteous. The righteous are the ones who trust in the Lord and I think this is the same idea. Wait on the Lord, He will redeem you.

  9. I wonder how far long the psalmists are in their walk with God. I wonder if they doubted God more earlier in their lives when they hadn’t gone through all the trials they went through. I don’t remember the first tough time in my life that I went through, but I do know that I didn’t trust God. Why should I trust God when He had done nothing for me? It’s easy to say that we should trust God because He delivered His people in the past, but it’s easier to believe that when one has experienced it himself or herself. I think that it might take greater faith to trust God that he is going to deliver the first time one needs deliverance because he or she basis his or her trust on a God who delivered people in the past not the present.

  10. God’s mercy and lovingkindness. Isn’t this the only anchor that we SHOULD have in our Christian walk? Too often we rely on ourselves. But Psalm 130 paints a very clear picture: in total desperation, when we are at a loss in our sinful state, God’s character (His lovingkindness) is the only stable and sure thing that we have. Our anchor!
    Super powerful psalm.

    • kayla lyn Says:

      I agree with you Deb. Too often we try to get ourselves out of our problems and rely upon our own means and strength. But is is not until we reach the end of ourselves and reach the bottom of the pit that we realize that God is the only one we can turn to. He is our only true anchor. He is our stability. Why do we so often wait until the last possible second to realize that?

  11. kayla lyn Says:

    I really appreciate this Psalm. Even though the Psalmist knew just how sinful he was and how holy God is, he was still not afraid to call upon God and ask Him to hear his prayers! Talk about trusting in God’s mercy and forgiveness? Do I trust in God’s grace and mercy that much? Does my soul wait for the Lord as much as the watchman wait for morning? There are so many things to take from this analogy! The watchman eagerly anticipated morning because that was the end of their shift- when they could go home and find rest! Do I long for my God like that? Do I hope in God and in His unfailing love? I ought to.

  12. God’s mercy goes beyond our understanding. It’s like this when when deserve a killing, and then we call on the Lord honestly He hears our cry, then His loving kindness and His tender mercy steps in, because His Son mediates for us. All of us are sinner, and none of us are just, so He forgives us, because we are constantly trying to get it right.

    • I agree with James. God and his mercy and love are totally incomprehensible to me. He loves us even when we mess up and go completely against what he wants us to do. He saves us from ourselves time and time again.

  13. I agree with Deborah, powerful Psalm. Yes we rely on our own understanding and we should put our total trust in God. I always say, “It’s not for every believer to get an education in biblical studies, because sometime you will in up with educated fools, and ain’t nothing like having one of those on your hands.

  14. This to me is such a great psalm because it prices that we cannot rely on just ourselves. We must rely on God or we have nothing at all. To me it its as simple as that. God or nothing.

  15. andrewkata Says:

    God’s mercy, and lovingkindness is amazing but i think as christians today we take it for granted big time. All God wants is for us to follow his commands but i firmly think in the back of the christians mind we think “ok well yea i need to follow him but even if i dont im forgiven so im just going to sin anyway.

  16. andrewkata Says:

    God’s Mercy and lovingkindness is definatly amazing but i think as christians we really take those traits for granted. All God wants us to do is follow his commands but i think in the back of the christian mind we think ” ok but even if i sin, im forgiven so whats wrong with sinning every now and then?”. Our nature causes us to find any way possible to sin even if its twisting Gods most amazing traits.

  17. Ryken Ruuspakka Says:

    Like so many of the Psalms, I like the balance between the individual and the community. The individual here has put much faith and time waiting for the works of the Lord, and in verse 7 on, this same faith and confidence is extended and commended to the whole community. My other observation is why the phrase “more than those who watch for the morning” is repeated in verse 6.

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